Sensible Solutions For Feeding Your Team At Corporate Events

If you have an upcoming corporate function or event, take some time to carefully consider what you will feed your participants and attendees. Skip the starchy, heavy menu and give guests something to eat that will make them feel healthy and energized for the day's agenda.

Some tips to create the right menu for your corporate event include:

Work with a caterer. Don't try to take corporate events on yourself; instead, hire a caterer. Many hotels and establishments will offer catering services to those renting out conference rooms or event spaces. Talk with these professionals about your menu rather than leaving it up to their discretion. Companies like Uncle Bub's BBQ, Catering & More may be able to help meet your needs in this area.

Consider any dietary restrictions. Think about the people that you work with and what they like to eat. Don't forget to offer some vegan, vegetarian, and low-fat options for participants that adhere to a special diet. Ask about allergies and food restrictions when you ask attendees to register or RSVP to your event.

Serve up something healthy. Give your team some fuel to get through the day's schedule. Skip serving heavy bread and desserts, and give participants some healthful food options. This will help prevent post-lunch drowsiness and keep your staff alert and interactive throughout the entire day.

Put some effort into the food. Make the food at your event something to remember. Go with seasonal produce, tasty salads, and entrees that feature fresh foods. Talk with your caterer about unique presentations that are as beautiful as they are delicious!

Set up some self-serve stations. Self-serve food stations are a very popular catering option, and this also provides your team with the opportunity to get up and stretch their legs during lunch. Salad bars, coffee stations, and create-your-own dishes are popular and allow attendees to make their food exactly the way that they like it.

Stay hydrated with infused water. Keep them hydrated with plenty of water during your corporate function, and infused water is something special. Serve up pitchers of refreshing spring or filtered water, and drop fresh berries, citrus, and even cucumber in each one for guests to enjoy. Furthermore, this offers a little kick of Vitamin C during your busy day!

Ask for suggestions from the team. Circulate a survey regarding which foods and dishes your team would like to see on the menu at your event. Obviously, you won't be able to honor every request, but it could shed some light on similarities and sensitivities when planning your menu. Plus, this will make staff feel more vested in the event.

Don't risk putting your staff to sleep with a heavy, carb-laden lunch. Instead, use these tips to create a menu that is as memorable as the function itself. Talk with your caterer and ask for input from the team to find the best options to satisfy all attending the event, and to ensure no one leaves hungry.