Planning To Propose At A Restaurant? Make These Special Requests In Advance

Many people plan to use the classy environs of an upscale restaurant to propose marriage to their special someone, and if you find yourself making such plans, it's important for you to communicate this to the restaurant staff when you make your reservation. Keeping the staff abreast of your plans will allow you to craft the perfect evening, rather than worry if someone will be arriving to top up your drinks during the middle of your proposal. It's not considered impolite to make some special requests in advance that will help the evening go smoothly. Here are some things to request.

A Prime Table Location

Don't head to the restaurant with your fingers crossed that you'll get a table in an ideal location for your proposal. Instead, create the exact scenario that you want by making your reservation in person, rather than over the phone. By visiting the restaurant in person, you'll be able to walk through the dining room and find the table that will be the most conducive to giving you privacy for your proposal. If there isn't a table that is in the exact spot you desire, don't be shy about asking if a table could be slightly moved around for you.

Privacy At A Given Time

You should decide when you plan to propose; this way, you can relay this information to the restaurant staff and make sure that no one approaches the table during the given time. For example, say that you'll make the proposal after you've eaten your appetizers but before the main courses arrive. The staff can even put in the order for the main courses a little later than usual to ensure that you have enough time to pop the question. A staff member will keep an eye on the table and when it's clear that the proposal is finished, the next course of food can arrive.

A Special Dessert Course

Having a special dessert arrive at your table can be another moment that makes your marriage proposal special. Instead of having the server bring the dessert menus to your table, simply arrange in advance to have a special dessert brought out — ideally, it will be something that your significant other really favors, such as chocolate cake or cheesecake. You might also wish to have the chef write a congratulatory message on the plate in chocolate sauce to cap off the big moment together.

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