2 Things To Keep In Mind When Considering A Liquor License

A liquor license is required in every state across the country if you want to have the freedom to offer alcoholic beverages to your customers. However, it can also be a bit difficult to decide whether or not a liquor license is the best fit for your business due to the many advantages and disadvantages that can come up when you get a liquor license and serve alcohol. Listed below are two things to keep in mind when considering a liquor license for your business.

Potential For Higher Profits

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when considering a liquor license is that it can result in higher profit margins for your business. This is especially true if you own a restaurant, as there are quite a few people out there that like to have an alcoholic beverage with their meals and will go elsewhere if your restaurant does not accommodate this desire.

In addition, many types of food have natural pairings with certain brands of higher-end alcohol that can help you drive your profit margins even higher. Examples of this can include various wines with French or Italian food. Even places that serve cheaper foods, such as pizza or hamburgers can get better profit margins by offering inexpensive brands of beer with their meals.

Another option that can lead to higher profits when offering alcohol is if your business offers some kind of entertainment. It is not uncommon for individuals to be willing to pay higher prices for alcoholic beverages if there is some kind of entertainment included, such as live music or sporting events being played throughout the business.

Potential Risk

While the profits that can come along with a liquor license can be very tempting, you will want to keep in mind the potential risk that can come along with the license before you decide to serve alcohol. One of the biggest risks that can come along with a liquor license is if you or one of your employees accidentally serves liquor to a minor. In that situation, you run the risk of not only facing very hefty fines, but you could also face more severe consequences like having your liquor license revoked or having your entire business shut down.

Another potential risk is that you could be held liable for any damages caused by one of your customers if he or she is allowed to leave the premises and drive despite you and your employees knowing that he or she was inebriated. The good news is that while these risks can be a bit frightening, they can easily be overcome through proper training of your staff to ensure that everyone is very familiar with the liquor laws in your area.

Contact your municipal liquor licensing and enforcement department today in order to discuss what you need to do in order to qualify for a liquor license and maintain it in good standing. It is important to keep in mind that a liquor license can provide higher profits for your business while also having some inherent risks. However, those risks can be managed with proper training of your staff.

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