Remove Scratches from a Range Top's Glass Surface

If the glass range top that you cook on in the small restaurant that you own has several scratches in its surface, remove them with the following instructions. After you have removed the signs of damage, take some measures to protect the glass surface from additional damage. Materials Needed glass cleaner soft cloths homemade scratch remover (made with baking soda and water) small bucket mixing stick sponge with non-abrasive surface cerium oxide buffing mitt range cover towel ​Clean the Glass and Apply a Homemade Scratch Remover

Wheat-Free Mexican Dining Tips

Mexican food is a great restaurant option if you don't eat wheat, either by choice or due to a gluten allergy. Many of the traditional items on the menu won't contain any wheat, since the flour of choice in Mexican cuisine is masa or corn flour. Try this advice to help you make informed choices as you go through the menu. Ask for corn tortillas Flour tortillas have taken the place of corn tortillas in some restaurants.

3 Excellent Snacks To Have When You Are On A Diet

If you are on a diet, it is so nice to have freebie foods that you can snack on without feeling guilty. A lot of the time, these foods are what get you through each day of your diet because they allow you to feel like you are still getting a treat, even though you are dieting. This article will discuss three excellent snacks to have when you are on a diet.