Sensible Solutions For Feeding Your Team At Corporate Events

If you have an upcoming corporate function or event, take some time to carefully consider what you will feed your participants and attendees. Skip the starchy, heavy menu and give guests something to eat that will make them feel healthy and energized for the day's agenda. Some tips to create the right menu for your corporate event include: Work with a caterer. Don't try to take corporate events on yourself; instead, hire a caterer.

Food For Thought: 3 Wedding Reception Meal Styles To Consider

One of the most important parts of your big day (besides the ring and the dress, of course) is what kind of experience you want your guests to have at the reception – and their experience depends a lot on the kinds of food you serve. But with so many options, how can you nail down the style that will keep your guests healthy while still giving you everything you want?

Three Foods You Never Knew You Could Cook On The Grill

If you have a barbecue grill outside or if you are looking for a propane grill for sale, you probably cook the usual fare on it: chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and the like. But there are many foods that you've likely never tried on your grill that taste better than ever when prepared that way. Here are three dishes you can cook on any type of grill--propane or charcoal--and if you don't have a grill already, you'll want to buy one after reading this list.

What Kind Of Commercial Equipment Is Needed To Open A Bakery?

Congratulations on deciding to open your very own bakery. One of the best things about walking into a bakery is the smell that you will inhale. You can't get that smell if you don't have the right commercial equipment. Here is a look at the type of preparation, baking and display equipment that you need to get your bakery started: Preparation Equipment Although a mixing bowl and a wooden spoon is the cheapest way to go for preparation equipment, you are probably going to want to splurge on some modern equipment that won't have your arms feeling like Jell-O at the end of the day.

Remove Scratches from a Range Top's Glass Surface

If the glass range top that you cook on in the small restaurant that you own has several scratches in its surface, remove them with the following instructions. After you have removed the signs of damage, take some measures to protect the glass surface from additional damage. Materials Needed glass cleaner soft cloths homemade scratch remover (made with baking soda and water) small bucket mixing stick sponge with non-abrasive surface cerium oxide buffing mitt range cover towel ​Clean the Glass and Apply a Homemade Scratch Remover